Getting Here...

Our vacation home is located in Sierra County directly off Highway 49, between Sierra City and Bassetts. Driving time from San Francisco is approximately 4.5 hours, from Sacramento approximately 2.5 hours and from Reno approximately 1.5 hours.

There are several different routes you can take to get here from the Bay Area and they are all about the same driving time (depending on traffic). The most direct route is probably via Auburn on Highway 80, and then from Auburn on Highway 49 through Downieville and Sierra City (in winter this certainly tends to be the fastest).

However you get here you are assured of a gorgeous drive, since all routes ultimately take you along the stunning Yuba-Donner Scenic Byway. Below are two sets of directions for the most direct routes from the Bay Area. Please do email us for any additional information or for help with directions from out of state.

Highway 80 via Auburn Route

  • Travel On I-80 East past Sacramento, making sure to follow the signs towards Reno (and NOT heading towards South Lake Tahoe on 50)
  • At Auburn, take the Highway 49 exit off I-80 (it will say Hwy 49 to Nevada City, Grass Valley and Placerville)
  • After passing through Grass Valley and Nevada City, look for the turn-off to Downieville and take a left onto this road (still Highway 49)
  • You will drive 45 miles along this road and then come to Downieville. In Downieville, take a right over the bridge across the river and continue on this road (still Highway 49!) for another 12 miles until you reach Sierra City. This is all part of the Yuba-Donner Scenic Bypass and you will enjoy some gorgeous scenery!
  • Keep driving through Sierra City and on for another couple of miles. Look for a waterfall on the left-hand side of the road. You are going to take the second left after this waterfall onto Salmon Creek Road. On Salmon Creek Road, turn left again and you'll see our big white gate

Highway 80 via Donner Pass and Truckee

  • Travel On I-80 East past Sacramento, making sure to follow the signs towards Reno (and NOT heading towards South Lake Tahoe on 50)
  • Keep following the signs for Truckee and travel over Donner Summit
  • At Truckee look for the sign for the Highway 267/Highway 89 exit towards Sierraville (this is the last Truckee exit)
  • Take this exit and turn left at the signal onto Highway 89. Keep following the signs for Sierraville
  • In Sierraville you will come to an intersection and see a sign for Downieville via Highway 49. Turn left and drive across the valley towards Downieville
  • At the end of the valley you will see a sign for Bassetts, Sierra City and Downieville via Highway 49. Stay on the same road (it becomes Highway 49), bearing left. Keep going for another 13 miles, up over Yuba Pass, to Bassetts (enjoying the beautiful scenery along the Yuba-Donner Scenic Bypass on the way!)
  • At Bassetts, stay on the main road (Highway 49) for another couple of miles. You will cross a bridge (Salmon Creek Bridge) and we are the first right at the end of the bridge (Salmon Creek Road). On Salmon Creek Road make a left, and you're here!

For additional information, or for help with directions from out of state, please do email us.